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Scrolling Text for Long File Names

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  • Scrolling Text for Long File Names

    I noticed this and thought it would be worth bringing up here. So, recently I moved some of my samples to a different directory in my mini sd card. So when I loaded up a preset/project - all of my pads where not playing anything because it couldnt find the file in its original directory location.

    I then proceeded wiith the tedious and long work of trying to relocate all of the pads to the new location, but some of file names are so long that I don't remember what they are called and I cant figure out what they are since blackbox only has so much text to show.

    So as the title says, I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate to have the text of the file in the main page of the pad (TOP SECTION) scroll across so that we can see the full name of the file.

    If there is an alternative method to see the full name of the file then I would be happy too.

    Thank you

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    +1 this would be nice


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      +1 This would help!


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        I would really like this to be implemented. Even if it does not scroll but an option to at least the whole filename of the sample that was loaded into the pad. I cannot imagine this being a difficult job.