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No need for a muted pad to record MIDI seq. from ext. gear

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    No need for a muted pad to record MIDI seq. from ext. gear


    I have searched the forum and the manual and it seems there's no way around using a dummy (muted) pad to record MIDI sequences with an external synth/device - correct me if I'm wrong.

    I understand "MIDI only sequences" introduced in FW 2.0 can *play* MIDI sequences controlling external gear. It would be great if MIDI only sequences could also *record* MIDI data without the need for a dummy pad.

    This would effectively turn the BlackBox into a much easier-to-use MIDI looper!

    I'm using FW 2.1.0.

    (... now if you could introduce CC sequencing into MIDI sequences, it would be even greater, but let's not get excited ;-) )



    EDIT: I found someone else had this issue, it seems, and read your reply:
    "If you use TRS you can 100% record directly into a sequence. I get that USB input is not functioning the same way. However, the "load a sample" trick works with USB."
    The thing is I'm using an OP-1 directly plugged into the USB port of the BlackBox :-/
    If it's not too much trouble, maybe USB MIDI could be supported as well in a future FW update?

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    Please avoid creating a new post for a request that exists. Also, you may want to take that user with a grain of salt - or two - or three.

    Our Sequencer does not capture CC but there is a wishlist item for this. Better to +1 as this post will surely get buried.
    We do know about the USB Device needing a dummy sample. It has been reported.


      Sorry, I saw there was a post for that shortly after I created this one.

      Still, reading the thread, it was unclear to me whether this had been addressed or not.

      And I also felt my post explained the issue a bit more clearly :-P

      (The CC thing was just an aside)

      No offense meant.


      • Steve
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        No worries. I try to keep the wish list well organized so we can find them when it's time.