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More Playback start/stop hints (white bar, add red bar)

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  • More Playback start/stop hints (white bar, add red bar)

    I'm wishing for some extra hints when tapping currently playing pads (pad mode) and sequences.

    Clips/sequences get a white bar when they are queued for start.

    But, When tapping a currently playing clip for it to stop,
    there is no visual hint that it is queued for stopping at the next quantise point.

    Tapping a currently playing pad multiple times makes it unclear if it is about to stop or not :-(
    I would like to suggest a red bar if a clip is queued for stop
    (and as a toggle, to also be able to cancel :-) the stopping of the clip)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	blackbox-pads-screen.png Views:	0 Size:	62.0 KB ID:	33295

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    great idea and certainly very simple to implement, if red does not work, that pink color will do as well


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      Been hoping for this or some equivalent since I got my first BB. Fingers crossed!