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    1. MIDI transpose
    2. Ability to repeat + copy a pattern and repeat the same notes (to quickly easily add some pattern variation)
    3. Automation for mod targets. Even just per step

    Blackbox is nice and simple. Keep it so


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      having spent a little time now getting to know Blackbox (running it externally from Pyramid, so just a piece of my overall rig, not using it as a self-contained production device), the use cases I'm bumping up against:

      1. the ability to set a root pitch for Clips that is independent of any sync'd tempo -- adjusting Pitch of a Clip with BB's knob settings doesn't really pitch it up or down in the way that I'm looking for, just seems to play the Clip faster/slower but essentially keeping the original pitch (I've noticed that when I'm inputting note values to Pyramid from an external keyboard for a Clip, the pitches are mapped up and down the keyboard, not just triggered on the MIDI note for that given pad. not sure why)

      2. ability to edit Clip waveforms in Clip mode, without having to switch between Sample mode. maybe this is an issue with the architecture of BB's sampler but it's frustrating to not be able to set the start/end points of a Clip in Clip mode itself. and even editing a sample in Sample mode for Clip purposes feels like it has to be a perfect start/end point for the Clip to sync properly (i still haven't really figured out how to do it properly in BB from start to finish). it kind of defeats the purpose of having a DAW-less sampler if this main functionality is only really fully useable by creating perfect loops in a DAW first and then exporting to BB

      3. a native 1010 sample management utility that would eliminate the need for me to use a DAW or similar third-party program to create mapped multisample instruments from non-BB WAV files, or for mapping a series of one-shot WAVs chromatically (with corresponding root notes) and then figuring out how best to get that multisample back into Blackbox correctly. i know software development may be outside the scope of 1010's mission but seeing how seamless the process is managed between MPC devices and the MPC software, it makes the whole multisampling process for doing the same with Blackbox feel super friction-y.


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        1. Group pads / sequences, so it becomes possible to trigger, mute, fade, or in general overwrite any parameter of the group members at once.
        2. As said above, better integration of sequencers with external MIDI: step recording, transpose by 'note in' message. I would add a modulation track to every sequence to automatize and/or send CCs.
        3. For everyone using the Blackbox in several parallel projects, the ability to structure presets in folders (while still responding to PC messages) would be very useful.
        Ok lemme a fourth one: Colour-coding of pads in the main page to indicate loops, samples, multis, clips & mutes. I generally like a sober screen look but this would be a great visual aid in a live situation, allowing to figure out the pad configuration of a preset at a glance. Thanks for the thread btw.


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          I'd love to see:
          1. Loop overdubbing / sound-on-sound recording.
          2. Support for RGB pad controllers like Launchpads.
          3. Ability to record mixer levels and toggle events, either as part of sequences and/or song sections.


          • Steve
            Steve commented
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            the blackbox does support RGB pad controllers, including the Launchpad.

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          1. looper/stutter FX
          2. assignable XY control
          3. independent volume levels for each output


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            the blackbox does support RGB pad controllers, including the Launchpad.
            Steve ah yes sorry, I meant supporting the RGB LEDs themselves somehow

            I haven't actually tried it out yet, but based on the thread and the firmware release notes it seems this wasn't implemented yet.

            The main thing I'm thinking of is using different colors for empty/filled pads, so if you use MIDI recording you can immediately see which pads are still free. This could also be extended with more color variations for different types of pads, pad lengths, and muted pads.

            I completely understand if this is too complex, since I imagine each controller implements its own custom protocol for this and it will get hairy fast ;-)


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              Oh it also just occurred to me that support for grouping presets in folders would be really nice, and might not be too hard to implement.

              I tried creating a folder on the PC and moving a preset in there, the top folder is displayed on the Blackbox but loading it just loads the first preset in the folder.
              So it seems all that's needed is he ability to navigate to subfolders and back to the parent, and (ideally) a new menu item to create folders.

              I saw there's a thread about this already at


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                1. Expand the LFOs rate into wayyy slower ranges (like up to 100 seconds per cycle)
                2. More sounds per preset to have more stuff at hand without changing the preset (not more polyphony)
                3. Tempo sync options in granular mode


                • DanielMulholland
                  DanielMulholland commented
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                  Yeah some more interesting granular controls would be incredible. I absolutely love Arturia Pigment's granular controls, it's super musical. Would be great to see something similar in the blackbox

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                +1 for the granular tempo sync option.
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