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Please add dash - character to file naming

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  • Please add dash - character to file naming

    While I do love the simplicity of the numbers and letters only keyboard, I think adding at least the dash - character would help with file management and organization. I support leaving out most of the special characters, but one or two would be nice to have. Currently I'm using space anywhere I would like to use dash, and its just a bit awkward. For example I like to record long 20ish minute jam sessions, and my naming scheme is 'session (today's date)', such as 'Session 5-6-2022'. Dates look pretty awkward without the dashes. Also, sometimes I'm recording a pattern chain from another device, so my desired WAV file name might be 'Digitone A1-A3-A2'.

    My other thought in this regard is to add another special character that is rarely used, such as & or * or `. This could be useful for anyone wanting to do batch sample renaming and organizing on a computer, with software like Batch Renamer (Windows), as you can specify regex parameters such as 'move every file with an * in the filename to this subfolder'. This would be helpful for organizing project stems versus whole pattern recordings.

    So I would suggest somewhere between 2 and 4 special characters just to give us some file management options. I would definitely avoid characters with actual file path implications such as / and .

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    Would be super nice to have a dash and few other special characters!


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      +1 Agreed, added special characters please along side, longer track names that could scroll if it doesnt fit on screen


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        +1 for special characters in names, and would also love a scroll on longer sample names


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          Please search the forum before posting requests. This request already exists.

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