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Slice indicator to update in realtime when in waveform view of slicer pad

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  • Slice indicator to update in realtime when in waveform view of slicer pad

    Desired behavior:
    1.Set up slicer pad with slices and coonfigure as described in manual under "To Use MIDI Notes to Play Slices"
    2. Press midi controller/ have external sequencer send midi notes on specified channel that trigger corresponding slices in sample
    3. The slice indicator (the thing that reads "Slice: 1", upper left of waveform view directly below full sample view by default) will change the number to the corresponding slice in realtime as midi notes are triggered

    Current behavior:
    Slice number is what ever you set it or Slice:1 by default , remains static, and never updates to indicate current slice being played based on current playhead position within sample
    "Slice:" <number> has no correlation to the currently playing slice

    I'm always bugging you guys about these little things, so this probably wont get any votes as usual, but this would be very helpful for troubleshooting something with many slices
    I'm sure "change waveform color " or some equally banal request will get more votes but do little to improve user experience

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    That onscreen value is not supposed to change when you trigger a slice. Instead, it is connected to the top left knob so you can set - explicitly from the UI - the desired slice.


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      Hi Steve, thats fine, this is the wish list though; in the example given we are externally controlling blackbox with a keyboard or sequencer
      I don't understand why it would not update to the current slice being utilized if it is under external control, it would be nice if blackbox recognized this fact and changed its operation (for debugging purposes)
      but also back to your point, what is the reasoning behind using slicer mode if you only set it manually to play just one slice with the knob? seems like one would use another mode like sample or clip for this purpose


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        My response was to let you know that you are describing the intended behavior. Slice mode is still powerful, regardless of the onscreen value. I understood the wish list aspect of your post. This is also not a new request and exists in the wish list (better to search and +1). The onscreen value updates with the knob so you have precise control when editing and doing sound design, etc. That is more likely something you will do inside the box and not in "performance" mode. The onscreen value - as you point out - does not inhibit you from playing any slice. The Sliced wav will update to show you the currently playing slice. I don't see how Sample or Clip mode are appropriate substitutes because the onscreen value does not update from an external trigger.