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mix screen - dedicate one set of encoders to another pad

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  • mix screen - dedicate one set of encoders to another pad

    In the MIX view right now you have four encoders that are doing the job that only takes two, one set is redundant. It would be great if you could dedicate the second set of encoders to another pad. With this the set on the left would be controlling volume/pan for one pad, and the set on the right might simultaneously be doing the same for another. Fade out one pad while fading in another, without an external controller. I couldn't find this request already made, but sorry if I missed it.

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    What bugs me in this screen is that you cannot use the encoders to select the pad, as is the case in the other screens. Not that I’d particularly need this but it feels inconsistent.

    Moreover, quite often I accidentally adjust pan instead of level because I tend to use the lower encoder for some reason. I wonder whether this is just me, probably is.

    In the same screen it would also be nice if there was a little dot to indicate the pan center beneath each level indication.


    • -thus-
      -thus- commented
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      Not just you; I frequently accidentally adjust Pan when I mean to adjust Level.

    • arteom
      arteom commented
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      I could see why they did it, or rather why the encoders are used to select in pads and sequence screens - because touching a pad or sequence besides selecting it also activates it. In MIX or FX screens that is not the case, as such the encoders can be free to perform other actions.

    • Georges
      Georges commented
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      Yes, I have also understood this to be the reason for not making it consistent. At the same time, the redundant encoders in the mix screen do feel like a missed opportunity.

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    yes, me too!