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    Ok, guys, guys, hear me out.

    If you could add im Mx sampling an extra parameter called sampling mode and have current be SAMPLING, and the new one called STAMS.

    What it would do, is cycle :

    1.mute all 16 pads
    2. unmute Pad_1;
    3. sample rec.imput for (Note_Length + Release_Len). Name = pad_1;
    4. repeate cycle 1-3 untill Pad_16.

    This is basic, ideally i want to have ability to choose amount of pads being stammed, decide weather or not i want FX, etc, but provided that recording starts with the constant latency - THIS COULD BE a kind of our own overbridge.

    Mute all pads before recording should not introduce any latency, from how i understand it.

    I know you guys have bluebox and you need to separate features, but this will not harm bluebox as theres's still eq, compression and connectibility stuff, , So please please PLEASE hear me out!...

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    Please search the forum before adding to the wish list. This request exists - and has existed for some time now.