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Quicker Song Mode implementation.

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  • Quicker Song Mode implementation.

    The way song mode currently works is awesome, the ability to record your sequence changes into sections works well.

    But i wish there was a quick way to build a song besides recording in the sequence changes manually, as they come.

    My wish for this would be to:
    1. Pause the black box
    2. Go into song mode
    3. Create a section
    4. Select new section (section 2)
    5. go over into SEQs
    6. select the seqs i want to play during that section
    7. go back to song
    8. create new section (section 3)
    9. go back to seqs and select new pattern to play and deactivate during that section.

    It's easier for me (selfish) to build a song within the 16 seqs then order them into song sections.
    But i could be crazy, and eventually over time get used to this mode and love it.

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    Thanks for writing. Here is one shortcut you may want to try:

    1) Create the sequences you want.
    2) Create the new section you want and select it.
    3) Make sure song mode is on.
    4) When stopped, switch on all the sequences you want in the new section.
    5) Hold Record then press play.
    6) Wait for the section to begin recording. (Get past the lead in).
    7) Press stop.

    You now have an 8-bar section consisting of your sequences even though you didn't let them play out. If you want something longer or shorter, select the section and press Info. Adjust the length there.