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Pad Per MIDI Channel in Sequences

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  • Pad Per MIDI Channel in Sequences

    When you have multiple pads activated in a single sequence and you select a single midi channel for that sequence, are all pads sending notes on the same midi channel?

    If not, I think being able to assign midi channels for each active pad in a sequence would be very helpful!

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    Yes, all pads in that sequence are sending notes on the same MIDI channel. You've hurting my brain with this one. Would you want a MIDI channel per pad per sequence? Or would it be sufficient to have a MIDI Out channel per pad that would then apply across all sequences? Our thinking was that you could use different sequences if you wanted them to go to different MIDI outs. Of course that means you are using up more sequence cells to accomplish this.

    It would be challenging to assign a MIDI channel per pad per sequence because over time the pads that are used in any given sequence would change. We would probably have to allow you to pick a MIDI channel for each of the 16 pads, and you could leave blank anything that either wasn't being used or that you don't want to go to out to MIDI. That's a lot of parameter pages for each sequence that then need to be configured for each sequence.

    I'm curious to know what you are doing with blackbox to drive multiple external MIDI devices with one sequence. Would you mind sharing?


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      Originally posted by Christine View Post
      Or would it be sufficient to have a MIDI Out channel per pad that would then apply across all sequences?
      This is what I'm talking about. If I assign a midi channel per pad and then have it always play across all sequences like this I could have multiple different sequences running at the same time which are all being played on only a handful of instruments.

      For example - I have a Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa, which allows for one midi channel to control each of it's 6 oscillators (so it CAN take up 6 channels). What if I had 6 sequences playing at once within blackbox, and only one of the pads used in each sequence was controlling one of the oscillators on the medusa, but each sequence was a separate melody.

      In this way just using the blackbox and medusa I could make different melodies, composed seperately within different sequences play on the same two pieces of hardware.

      The same could be true with 6 devices, each using their own channel.

      Hope you get my drift!

      If I were to try and play the same channel and the same time in two different sequences at once, the order of the sequences on the sequence page would determine which note was sent instead of the other OR create polyphony depending on the MIDI channel's destination.

      Let me know if you'd like more clarification.

      What I see in the Blackbox is basically the ultimate master brain - on top of the amazing sampling and sample playback.


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        oHeFFeSS, thanks for the feedback. We will consider it for the future.