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Dedicated "Previous Page" Functionality of Back Button

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  • Dedicated "Previous Page" Functionality of Back Button

    Originally posted by Ferrum View Post
    1. The back button should go to the previous screen no matter what you're doing. It feels odd to keep clicking the info button to cycle through all the options to get back to where you started. For example If I change some parameters on a sequence then hit back it takes me to the sequence screen instead of the notes screen on the piano roll.
    On further use of the blackbox, I completely agree with this note... Seems like hitting the back button does exactly the same thing as hitting the button for the page that I'm currently on.

    Feels like the usability of this button is redundant and would be much more powerful if it was a dedicated "previous screen" button similar to the way a back button works on a web browser.

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    Your wish has been granted. Download the latest build if you haven't already.


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      I did and it's a lifesaver! Thank you!