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Pad Switching in Keys Page

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  • Pad Switching in Keys Page

    When on the keys page, the button in the top left corner does a good job of indicating which pad is being edited with the keys.

    When you click on that button, this does exactly the same thing as tapping the pads button at the bottom. It would be much faster to switch to editing a different pad's keys if that button dropped down a menu like in the keys view of the SEQs page.

    The reason I say this is that when you do hit that button, then tap a different pad, the pad plays first.

    I get that you can select the pad you want to play with an encoder then tap the keys button, but my instinct at least is then to tap a pad after tapping the "pad select" at the top of the keys page and because it then activates or deactivates the pad I select it seems like maybe my suggestion would be helpful.

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    We have seen a couple of requests to be able to select a pad without triggering it. This is an interesting idea, but you'd still have to select a pad on the main screen to get here. I've logged it as a request.