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    To make it easier for the 1010 team to assess which effects people want, we should have an individual thread for each effect so that people can +1 their one or two most wanted effects rather than just vote for "more FX" and have no influence on which one(s) to do first (assuming any are added at all).

    This is my vote for a drive (overdrive) effect. Zero value means no drive and 100% sounds like a Minimoog-esque drive at maximum. Drive was one of the first effects found on synthesizers, even before reverb and delay. It's a "bread and butter" effect.​

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    This is definitely at the top of my wishlist for effects. More simply stated, I would be happy with whatever per pad distortion we are given, as long we can get something. More sample transformation processes are the thing I'd love to see most, and some kind of distortion seems a straightforward place to start.


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      Some sort of drive or distortion would get my vote too.
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        I'll +1 on some type of drive or saturation


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          Yes, this is really necessary for drums/techno.
          Another reason is about using it with BlueBox - i just can have exactly the same FX using BlueBox, so all Delay and Reverb FX are doubled. I think BlueBox and BlackBox users (like me) could be in heaven if BlackBox allow to change global FX to other (for example overdrive and phaser).
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            +1 for some kind of Airwindows like drive-compression-tape-mojo


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              +1 for some sort of drive!


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                Yes but it would be better not being limited to one distortion flavor. So it would be better if there was a Wave shaper FX , and let users share their own shapes. (Wave shapers is typically how distortion units work).

                this would allow many flavors of distortion, practically infinite. Anything from soft saturation and tube emulations to digital mangling and clipping of any kind.

                here’s a video about this
                TIMESTAMPS:0:00 Intro1:13 What's a waveshaper?2:06 What's saturation?3:47 Different types of saturation5:37 Asymmetric saturation7:47 Wavefolding and rectify...

                Obviously it would be ideal if 1010 shipped the feature with a few factory waveshapes. Like tube and soft clip.
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                  I love this idea

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                Another point I would like is having a drive that is at least somewhat volume compensated. Auto gain essentially so we can get flavor without having to run back to the volume knob and the turn something down right after adding drive.


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                  great thinking

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                +1. I like the 3 distortion algorithms on the Razzmatazz but I'm not expert. What do people think about those in terms of quality?


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                  I would love some driiive !


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                    I would love to have a Bitcrushing fx on my Blackbox!


                    + 1 for a nice and versatile drive fx


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                      +1 for drive. If we can set the drive position either before or after the filter that could be interesting. The jarmonics would be different depending on the order in the chain.


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                        Yep, like on my recently acquired Dirtywave M8. <3

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                      I like using the distortion on the Lemondrop for shaping my sound, and find it really helpful. Would love a new take on drive and distortion on the BB.


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                        + plus one