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A couple of feature requests

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    A couple of feature requests

    I think it would be cool to have selectable filter types instead of just the one (2 pole, 4 pole LPF and HPF, BPF, etc). Also, executable onboard normalization of samples, assigning MIDI program change numbers to presets, and a sample rate reducer would be cool too.

    Please open a new topic for each new request.

    And please search and vote for existing ones. I heard that this increases the likelihood that things will happen

    You want 1010music to invest time and money for developing new features so please at least invest 3 minutes to have a search so that they can spend more time in developing cool things instead of dealing with posts here.

    Normalisation is suggested here:

    You already posted about sample rate reduction here:
    While it was already suggested in countless other topics like this:

    The program change thingy was already suggested by you as well:


      I know what I wrote. I'm writing it again.