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Backwards compatibility for Songs in new 3.0.7 update

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  • Backwards compatibility for Songs in new 3.0.7 update

    A few people have found that when updating to 3.0.7 all the songs they previously programmed into previous firmware versions don't play in 3.0.7. I wonder if there would be interest in some coding or even an external process to transfer old song data to be compatible with the new firmware?

    Although re-programming all my songs again is possible (with the slight hiccup of sliced chromatic sequencing as mentioned in previous post) I would like to avoid it if at all possible. I do feel improving Song Mode was a good idea but it really puts me off taking this mode seriously if no backwards compatibility is possible. No other platform/DAW would not offer this as far as I am aware?

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    We provided as much backward compatibility as we could. Old presets with multiple patterns per sequence will work, but only the first 4 will be transferred to the A, B, C, and D layers. We made changes, intentionally, to improve overall workflow and usability based on feature requests and support load. Unfortunately, some will have to find creative ways to work with older presets. You can stay on 2.1.5 as there is no requirement to upgrade. We understand this is frustrating for some and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    One suggestion is to transfer your various sequences to a DAW, then export them as MIDI files. Import those files into the 3.0.7 sequence layers.


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      Please feel free to get into detail on how to export sequences from preset file to Midi. Is there a tool?


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        Install a previous firmware. Play MIDI data into a DAW. Save as MIDI files. Transfer MIDI files to the microSD card. Import to sequence layers.


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          I expected a more fitting solution. This is not feasible at all for the many presets that are now defunct due to the changes in 3.xx. Please feel free to provide a software tool for your community.


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            We are not likely to provide a software tool. You are not required to upgrade firmware. Again, we made intentional changes for several reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience.