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MIDI Thru: USB port only?

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  • MIDI Thru: USB port only?

    It would help me to have an option for MIDI thru to be output only to the USB port.

    I have devices that generate MIDI, which are connected to the TRS MIDI ports via a CME WIDI Jack. I would like to echo their output only to the USB port, which I will connect to an iPad. I can’t have their MIDI data echoed to the TRS MIDI output.
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    Yeah, I've been battling with similar midi thru dilemmas this week.
    Would be great to be able to select individual ins and rout them to individual outs.


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      Hey There,

      Same here. I'd like to control OP-1 from KeyStep Pro through Blackbox.

      With 2.x firmware I was able to route a particular MIDI channel through BB, sacrificing one pad by setting its MIDI In & Out.

      In 3.0.9 MIDI Out is gone from Pad Conf and I cannot make it work with the new [TOOLS] -> Midi Through settings. Any idea?


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        bvic23 I solved the problem, albeit with some extra hardware.

        I use a CME WIDI “UHOST” and “Jack” to connect midi controllers and my iPad to my Blackbox. I reversed them, and now use the UHOST to receive MIDI from controllers (a pair of CME XKey Air key boards and an AirTurn BT500S Midi foot pedal) into the BB USB port, and the Jack to transmit MIDI from BB’s TRS MIDI jacks.

        The controllers “talk” to the Blackbox via USB and Blackbox transmits MIDI to my iPad via TRS MIDI. This left the iPad open to receive BB audio via an audio interface.

        It’s quite reliable.
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          Nice, thanks for the details DovGoldman!