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  • Steve
    Thie blackbox does not offer the same pad naming as the razzmatazz. This definitely exists on the wish list. Please search and +1 the previous request(s).

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  • OmskInfo
    started a topic Rename a Pad

    Rename a Pad

    I'm running firmware 3.0.9 on my Blackbox and, unlike Razzmatazz, I currently see no way to rename a pad into something a bit more concise and descriptive (like "Kick", "Snr", or "Bass"). Am I missing something?

    If not, may I suggest that, after loading the sample and going to the pad's edit page (with the Filter, FLO, Conf pages...), just tap the name up at the top to bring up a rename screen. You can currently tap the name up there and it highlights when you touch it, but nothing actually happens, so this seems an excellent and logical place to put the rename feature.