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  • User Preference to use HighQ as default

    The Normal sample interpolation sounds so terrible, I cannot think of a case where I'd actually want to use the Normal setting vs HighQ. Yes, I understand that Normal is less CPU intensive than HighQ, but I would prefer the workflow to be that HighQ is on by default and then I must selectively switch samples to Normal if I find myself running out of CPU power.

    Most annoying is the fact that the sample preview (when searching the SD card for samples) uses the Normal interpolation. The Normal algorithm is so horrible that it actually makes it difficult to hear the real pitch of the sample I'm about to load. I'd like the sample preview to be in HighQ so that I know exactly what I'm loading before I load it—some samples do have digital artifacts in them by design while others are clean, so I can't just assume that all my samples will be clean after loading them.

    While I understand this might not be the ideal workflow for all users, I think the simple solution would just be to have this as a user preference in the Tools page. I'd set it to HighQ while others can leave it set to Normal.

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    What is the bit depth and sample rate of your wav files?


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      I would also love for the file preview to be in HighQ!
      If Blackbox can see the samplerate, would be awesome if it did auto detection and turned on HighQ for non 24/48 files, upon loading the sample into the cell, automatically.
      Decided to take the matter in my own hands and converted the library i use to the correct samplerate/bit depth. It took a day of trial and error but it was surprisingly easy once i found good software. Its called AudioMove and its a godsent. Batch conversion with preservation of folder structure.
      Make sure your folders are not read only, and keep it on one thread if convering 5k+ files at once. Dont forget to pick best quality too.

      So this wishlist entry goes way down on the priority list for me. Its just that easy to do yourself.
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        Originally posted by Steve
        What is the bit depth and sample rate of your wav files?
        It's a mix from various sources, but the question is irrelevant—it all sounds fine once HighQ is turned on. That's why I want to run with HighQ on all the time except in the few cases where I specifically want to turn it off.


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          On a support forum, questions are not irrelevant. Our devices prefer 24/48k. Anything outside of that will create extra work for the CPU. You will have better, more consistent results with 24/48. HighQ is not a default because it also requires more CPU.


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            But this is the Wish List section. :-) I know the reason why this sound problem exists, and the explanation is understandable yet unacceptable. I'm therefore asking for a change to the current behavior and giving a good reason for the change: Most of my content will not be 24/48k native and, even if it was, the sound quality problem still rears its ugly head the moment I try to change the pitch of something (which is very often). As I've said already, CPU management isn't my main concern with blackbox—it's actually sound quality. And, by default, blackbox does not sound good. So I'd like to change the default behavior so it does sound good in all cases. I'll reduce quality if and when CPU usage actually becomes a concern.