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  • my wish list

    got my hands on the blackbox yesterday and have been really really impressed! CONGRATS 1010MUSIC

    Here are my current wishes, I don't want to prioritize them bc some may never be possible. More than anything I want the box to be modulatable and controllable over multiple pages, ideally utilizing the knobs as matrix assignable and a less standard touch and play experience. The touch display is a big part of what makes it a unique device and I would love to see the touch experience expanded into an even bigger creative tool.

    Love to hear back from its makers what seems likely to be accomplished!
    • more robust sequence recording of realtime parameter changes
    • a modulation page of matrix assignable lfo and random functions
    • copy/paste sequencer cells
    • sequencing effects and midi sequencing effects - arp, euclidian, scales, random
    • in keys section make knobs mult function assignable to selected voice - including pitch, envelope, filter, effects, levels
    • in sequence section make knobs mult function assignable to selected voice - including effects
    • toggle on keys page to an arpeggio sequencer and more abstract touch instruments - like a Multi parameter assign faders, something else unusual and highly playable like the op-1 tombolo sequencer, chaos pad / planar style multi function XY pad for mixing, effects, and gate.
    • polyphonic granular sample mode with manual and modulatable playhead control, oh and realtime granular input manipulation
    • link sample pads to up the polyphony on a single sample
    • stack pads together to create layered samples which would be killer to play in keyboard mode (would need to be able to disable pitch on some stacked samples bc you may not want all sample to pitch change)
    • a fader mixer page
    • an app to design your own control surface page, pads, faders, keys
    • add more effects like bit reduction, pitch delay, chorus, echo, tape delay
    • enable overdubbing
    • more master effects like a master filter and more control over compressor
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    Our work is never done. :-) Thanks for the feedback. There's so much more we could do. We have to balance it carefully with keeping the user interface accessible. We will see what we can do.


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      Thanks for a great Black Box!

      My wishlist:

      - a song mode with a good overview of the different sequences that makes its easy to change order
      - nudge PADS/notes/sequencers with right bottom knob
      - consistent and logical behavor of the knobs to highlight what PAD/sequencer you work with
      - copy/paste sequencers in a logical way
      - change order of the different PADS/sequencers
      - autosave option
      - power off mode or sleep mode
      - automation of effects in song mode or sequencer mode
      - more use of the knobs, they are awesome!