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  • Screensaver

    Would it be possible to have a timer that allows the screen to go dark after a set time? I like to leave my studio running and I worry about screen burn?

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    I second this. Was about to suggest the same thing. This really needs a auto-off feature. Sleep mode, where the screens turns off if there is no signal or clock coming in for a certain amount of time.


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      Third this. I've gotten some minor burn in and would love to keep my bitbox in good condition without having to turn off all the time.

      Nerdseq has a nice screensave that just cycles a few colors


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        Even a "Sleep Button" that kicked to a dark screen in the tools would be cool.
        Undo would be to press "Tools"


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          Nice idea! First go to lowest brightness and then turn the screen of.

          I don't think it needs a menu entry, a simple textfile/config-file on the sd card with the times for low birghness and sreen of would do it.


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            I would like the screen saver to be a video game. Have I mentioned that I’d like it to have some video games?


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            I would also like to have a screensaver but still the ability to play the sounds in the bb with a controller without the screen turns on. I really would like it to have some text floating around or some cool graphic not only a black screen.