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Resonance for the filter

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  • Resonance for the filter

    I'm probably not the first to request it but I believe everyone is waiting for resonance control on the filter. Thx.

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    I think it would be cool if they could split the filter box in half and have low pass and high pass side by side. Then you could select which filter to work on using the toggle feature (blue bk). When the filters overlap they create a band pass? Dunno about cpu restraints but it’d help from the production side of things, at least for me.


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      Just by the title it seems that this is the first mention of this feature. Please add this!


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        +1 for expanding possibilities to control the filter. Since my BB is only now shipping to me, I am not sure if this can already been done, but I would like to have a possibility to use filter as a global effect when playing live with the pads (instead on individual samples). To have such global filter midi CC controllable from external PAD controller.


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          +1 for adding resonance to all filter types