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Ableton Link support and Ableton project export

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  • Ableton Link support and Ableton project export

    The Blackbox is already quite Ableton friendly by the fact it appears to generate ALS files when a clip is created. It would be nice to push the idea further and bring support for Ableton Link for syncing, and also bring the ability to export sequences and even full projects to the Ableton format (which would be the whole preset with its samples consolidated).

    It looks like Ableton is very open regarding its formats and already some products are supporting both Ableton Link and Ableton project export.
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    Thanks for the input. It's an interesting idea. We'll consider it for a future release.


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      Pardon if this question has already been raised somewhere, but yes I noticed the .als files on my BB SD card, and I know the bitbox is marketed with “export to ableton live project” feature. Does BB currently have the ability to easily open projects in ableton? I’m looking for the basic ability to just open a BB preset in ableton, as far as having my pads as clips placed into cells ready for immidiete playback. Seems it should be able to just open the BB preset right off your BB’s SD card when mounted to computer, then you could just do a “collect and save” in ableton to gather all your files and and save to your computer drive.


      • DylanFree
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        It worked that way for me. Opened right up with all my current saved audio clips. I don’t think it opens sequences so every thing should be in audio loops to work right. But i was able to open the file with all my clips fine and then “save as” and i had everything as a ableton file on my computer.

      • BOXturtle
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        Wow that’s great to hear, thanks!