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  • Slice seq sequencer

    So I’m slooooowly working my way through what I can do and I just got round to the slicer. So on the 3rd info screen, would it be possible to create a screen accessible from the bottom left ‘slice seq’ button where you could set up a sequence from the slices you have created that is used by the forward and back state of the ‘slice seq’? If no sequence is made it defaults to how it works now?

    Forgot to ask, would it be possible to use the flag at the bottom of each slice indicator to move that slice point and also have join, join the current slice (the slice under the playhead) and the next slice? Lining up the play head and slice point is a bit labourious currently

    Bone head I should have used the forward option to advance through the slice points. I still rate the idea tho it adds another albeit basic sequencer to the party.
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