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Velocity bug? USB latency and pad assignment

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  • Velocity bug? USB latency and pad assignment

    Hi there,

    maybe its only on my machine… I use firmware 1.1
    If I play a note with high velocity, the next note I play sounds wrong if it is played with low velocity. It is as loud as with high velocity and very short. The next played note with low velocity after this wrong note sounds right (decay ok and low volume).

    I use a korg nanopad 2 as USB controller and an e-drumpad as midicontroller. Midi has a very short, good playable latency, USB latency is too high for me to play. The touchscreen latency is higher than via USB.
    Is there a possibility to change it? It would be so great, because I use hardware instruments instead of computer or Ipad for that reason…

    It would be a much faster workflow on this great machine if I could use midi notes to assign the pads to edit. please… :-)

    cheers, thomas

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    Thanks for reporting this problem. The velocity bug will be fixed in the next blackbox version after 1.1.

    The USB latency should be the same as the MIDI latency. How are you measuring this?


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      Im happy: velocity works now with 1.1.1! And I think it is possible to use the BB as midislave now. Sync of long loops is working much better :-) Thank You.

      USB latency I measured only by ears. The time between the physical hit on the Korg Nanopad2 and the sound out of my speakers / headphones... Now I have a BobPad. It feels better. Sould I record this to see the real latency?