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  • Performance control mode

    At the moment, critical things for a performance are scattered over several menus and pages. For me, a live performance consists of actions like:

    starting/stopping or muting/unmuting
    applying filters
    adjusting levels
    applying effects
    adjusting effects

    Let's think how we could streamline this.

    One idea would be using an external controller which is mapped to all controls which shall be manipulated. (Assuming that this feature will be implemented in the future)
    But this would require a lot of preparation and the presence of a controller which is most likely bigger than the blackbox itself.

    I'm thinking about a native approach. There are 4 encoders, two buttons and a touchscreen available. That's not bad. Here's a little mockup:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	blackbox_performance.png
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    The light blue squares on the bottom of the pads are the play progress. The other colored squares indicate the applied parameters to a pad. The encoders could control the parameters which are displayed next to them on the screen. Touching one of the rectangles next to the encoder could open a "assign" mode where pads can be assigned to the parameters.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	blackbox_performance_volume.png
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    The "single pad edit" button on the top left could open a mode where a pad could be selected and all it's parameters tweaked at the same time. Or maybe even more pads?

    Another idea would be adding a XY pad to this which could be toggled somehow.

    All the stuff could be initially configured pressing the configure/assign button on the top right.

    What do you think?

    If you want to edit the diagram:

    I created it using the web app. You can edit a copy of it here (very long link).

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    I like it... I also agree we need more live control of the sound for performance purposes. Your suggestion combines many of the different wishlist items together.

    One thing I can tell you for sure is that the 1010 team seem focused on making sure the Blackbox can be used equally well by people with color blindness as well as people without it.

    For that reason you may want to pitch a way to do this without needing colors - or rather how to do it where colors would enhance but not be required in order for the functionality to work.


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      I would like to have an option to turn on for colorblind people rather than making the whole device adapted to both colorblind and people without colorblindness. Or perhaps an option to costumize your own colors. In that way you can make your Black Box more adapted to the user.


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        I'm sure that we can refine this interface so that it's friendly to the color blind. However, from a usability point of view, a dedicated option for a color blind friendly interface would be indeed a better choice. Colors are a very essential design element and not using them in the first place would be not that fair for the majority of users.
        I think customizing colors for this would be overkill, though.


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          It's not hard to use colour schemes that work for people who are colourblind.
          Colourblind does not often mean you don't see ANY colours (i.e. black and white- this does exist but is rare) it usually means that you see LESS colour variations or your perception of the light spectrum is different to the average person.
          It's estimated up to 8% of males are colourblind to some degree (women are less likely to be colourblind)
          It's a far more sensible allocation of resources to make 'a one size fits all colour scheme' (which wouldn't be hard or inhibiting to non colourblind users- there's plenty of colour options to choose from that everyone can see- how many do you need? 12-15?), and spend more time, energy and resources implementing valuable functionality like editing velocity of notes, CC mapping, randomness etc.
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            Hi -

            This is excellent and I was literally just about to post about this in the wish list.

            As much as I find a midi controller useful, there are times when I just want to use the BB standalone and not have to dance through multiple pages to accomplish simple things that need doing immediately (volume control) - so yes, one page to control them all.

            What I had imagined was pressing Pads and Mix at same time to reveal a configurable Performance Mode.

            On there, you could trigger/mute pads by pressing a pad, Scroll with top left encoder to select (useful for selecting a pad to adjust volume without start stopping it), top right is Volume, bottom two default to Reverb and Delay but are re-assignable.

            Back and info become shifts (sort of like Elektron's technique) revealing alt-functions that allow the 4 encoders to control other things.

            Speaking of Elektron - Back could be a 'change all' so that when pressed and you adjust filter, for example, ALL pads' filters are changed (Back +Shift could undo).

            Personally I'd like a master volume available as an encoder too so if there's an issue and I have to drop volume I can do it on the BB and not a mixer (this could just be me though).

            Obviously all of this would be CC mappable.

            I was even imagining that while in Performance Mode the pages at the bottom would have alt-functions as well:

            Pads - main performance page, Keys - 2nd performance page etc.

            To exit: Pads + Mixer

            All of it would need to be designed in such a way to emphasise workflow and standalone performance, so you can just focus your attention on one box, and develop streamlined hand/eye/ear habits.

            THAT would be very, very, very cool



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              That's a good idea, and if by magic we could hit "REC" and record their automation in the sequence, that would be even better