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Record to multiple pads at once.

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  • Record to multiple pads at once.

    I love this thing.

    What I'm most interested in is the new possibilities it can bring opposed to what you get on every other sampler. I'm using this to play a keyboard triggering each pad channel (on different midi channels) to get a polyphonic keyboard with each sample having pitch bend (Since it's on it's own channel)

    It would be great to record to multiple pads at once so the entire keyboard can be updated in real time.

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    Getting a keyboard with the ability to split zones might be a solution? Or if we have an additional key-zone setting (e.g. C3-C4) on each pad.


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      I can already play multi pads at once. But it requires manual loading of the same sample to all pads one by one. Ideally, when you record, you can sample / rec to a whole bunch of pads at once for instant polyphonic playback.