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  • Sequencer mode suggestion

    Why does sequencer 1 start in bottom left corner? The whole order of sequencer names are, in my meaning, not in order. And the knobs dont move in a logic way. If you start from sequencer 1 and move one of the upper knob to the right you will go to sequencer 2, 3 and 4 and the... to sequencer 13 in the top row.

    Idea is to start with sequncer 1 i upper left corner. If you still want to start sequencer 1 in the left bottom corner I would like the name of the sequencer changed so bottom row 1-4, above that 5-8, then 9-12, then top row 13-16. And if you turn the knob right it will follow that order and not jump up to the top row. I know that different people want to arrange in different order, and you can have the different sequences anywhere, but at least make the default order more logic please.


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    We use the same approach as the MPC and other gear by using the lower left as the starting position. The idea is that the bottom row is easier to reach and therefore the numbering starts there.


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      Thanks for the answer.

      Ok, but perhaps it would be more logical if you follow the path in order (sequencer number) upwards when you select with the knobs. Starting from bottom left, then starting to the left from the raw above it and not jump to sequencer 13 in top raw.