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My wish is you keep this simple

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  • My wish is you keep this simple

    As title says. Loads of requests here. It's the simplicity that appeals with this box. Loading in a million new features makes it just like every other sampler.

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    ^ Yes!! Thank you!! ^

    I for one couldn’t agree more. I keep seeing tons of wish-list items that couldn’t possibly be implemented w/o menus and sub-menus, etc. I think the pure beauty of this device is its simplicity of use. Beyond what’s been revised in the latest firmware, I wouldn’t complain if this thing didn’t change a single thing ever again.

    I should also mention that this thing has changed my life! Just ask my girlfriend haha, but no seriously people are starting to talk lol


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      Smart is making it simple while being feature full


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        Agree. The secret is to make an advanced device with a interface that is simple, fast and logical to use. The Black Box is great, but the interface needs some work. The Black Box has so much potential.


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          Thank you for this anti feature request. We appreciate it and will do our best to add more functionality carefully.


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            100% agree, thank you!


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              Yup. Please refine the workflow and usability instead of adding crazy things like granular synthesis.


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                I agree. The accessibility and simplicity is a huge part of the magic of this box, but I would LOVE continual improvement to the stability and solidity of the fundamentals:

                ie- the Envelope noise issue in Gate mode, esp. w bass sounds. Also noticed the same type of 'quantization/zipper/aliasing' noise at certain frequencies when transposing (greater pitch range would be a simple request that would be greater than +24 semitones), as well as processor optimization? I love using the BB for single cycle waveforms as an 'additive' synthesizer (layer a few looping single cycle waveforms as oscillators responding to same midi channel), but it sputters/chokes/pops/crackles badly after only two tracks/polyphony of this and a single looping this a processor limitation or can i expect code improvements? In short: feature request #1= Make it's base functions super solid! So much potential if so, thanks