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The ”maps” in Sequencer mode

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  • The ”maps” in Sequencer mode

    Perhaps I dont understand, but if you go into Sequencer mode and select, for instance, the second sequencer from the left in the bottom raw, and then hit INFO/PADS view you see a ”map” in the left top corner. It seems like it indicates what sequencer you work with. Because if you change sequencer the square moves. But. When you push it, you come to.. .. your PADS? And the map has nothing to do with what PADS you work with in PADS view.

    Then in Sequencer mode KEYS you see two maps. One to the left and one to the right. The right indicates what PADS you work with what I can see.

    I like the maps but I wish for more consistent use of this maps.

    In Sequencer mode PADS: you dont jump to PADS view if you push the left map. You can choose what sequencer you work with just like you do with the right map in KEYS.

    So, two maps. One to the left (sequencer) and one to the right (PADS) in both PADS and KEYS. In that way you know what sequencer you work with AND what PAD you work with.

    What do you think? Anyone else thought of this?

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    Great idea. We already have an update in the works that will fix this.


    • xeamus
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      Thanks Aaron! You are doing a great job with the Black Box! The best gear I have right now! I have alot: OP-1, OP-Z, OB-6, Deluge, Force etc.

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    The suggestion makes sense, avoids some confusion I believe. Thanks to Aaron for already being on it !