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Allow PAN to be a mod target

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  • Allow PAN to be a mod target

    The Blackbox has "pan" available as a CC input, but it cannot be routed to the actual track pan. It would be wonderful if it could!

    I'm experimenting with using the right channel on my gear as "send" amount, but the blackbox is the one device I own that doesn't let you control the pan over midi

    Please add track pan as a mod target! <3

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    I just noticed this in the xml (someone posted elsewhere):

    <modsource dest="panpos" src="midipan" slot="2" amount="1000"/>
    Guess that means that pan was intended to be a mod target, but is not. Can we call this a bug then?


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      second this


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        Definitely +1 on this one.


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          I did some testing, and it looks like MIDI PAN is actually already routed to sample pan by default, you just have to set the midi channel on the sample correctly. It's a weird exception to having everything else be manually mapped.

          This is great news, but it would still be awesome if this could also accept a CC like the other automatable params.


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            Please add pan as a cc mod target. Thank you


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              MIDI pan is nothing else than a CC value. It's CC11. The current interface makes it not that easy to make it mapable since it's not in the pad menu and the manu is already full. I don't see the point in re-mapping it to another CC value. It's getting more interesting once internal modulation is possible.


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                Because from what I understand about the way that this works with Blackbox, if I want to modulate pan differently for multiple pads, I would have to give each pad it's own midi channel & then have extra channels setup in my sequencer to modulate the pan for each. Whereas, if I could map it to CC, I could send multiple different CCs from my sequencer on one channel to modulate pan on multiple pads.

                Modulating pan differently for different samples is a pretty common thing to want to do to add interest & depth/width to a track.