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  • Loop in Clip Mode

    The thing I would like most is to be able to set a loop in clip mode so that it could play 2 beats, 4 beats, 6 beats any point in the loop. As can be done in an Ableton audio clip.

    This would make a huge difference to Blackbox for me.

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    + 100. Adjustable Start Point and Loop Length would be powerful, and really makes sense!


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      Yep, one of my requests too. For now I do with the very welcome sample trimming feature but it’s not very optimal in terms of workflow and it multiplies the files in my library if I want to use the same sample in different crops.


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        I also would like to just pick out the part I want with flags and loop it without to trim and destroy the original wav file. When I then save the project it only have to remember where I put my flags.