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Overdub for Live-Looping

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  • Overdub for Live-Looping

    Please add an option to overdub when recording a new audio loop. When live looping drums with cymbal crashes, guitar chords, or using any delay effects on the audio source before going into the Blackbox, an overdub option is very critical to creating a fluid loop. If there was a way to make that a default option when creating a new loop, that would be awesome! Thanks for making an innovative product!

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    This. The ability to do loops that cross the barline seems essential to doing any number of live instruments in acoustic spaces (reverb tails), but frankly many if not most synths & drum machine loops. Don't get me wrong, I do love palm muted guitars, but....

    Having the equivalent of a "tails on" option would greatly increase bbs utility as a live looper, and an auto overdub option seems (from the user's perspective) an easy way to make that happen.


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      Live looping from a predefined set of midi controls and designating one or more pads as "loop pads" which are controlled in a specific way that works with looping - either the internal audio (output 1, output 2, output 3, or headphone output) or just the input would be amazing.

      This is a feature that the Deluge now has, and both the MC-707 and MC-101 have...

      Blackbox needs it!


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        +1 for overdub. I'd also like a way to erase tiny bits of the recorded wav, to create a glitch effect.


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          Yes this feature would be really really valuable


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            Yes please.


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              +1! The sole reason I bought a Blackbox was for live looping. It already does a good job, but this would be killer.