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Use BACK button in PADS/KEYS/SEQS etc view and some suggestions

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  • Use BACK button in PADS/KEYS/SEQS etc view and some suggestions

    I have a suggestion. Why not use BACK button when you are in main screen of the different views to do something? Today it has no function in main screen. For example:

    PADS view: switch between Velocity and Edit options so that you free one knob more. If you only move and select pads with two knobs you can use two knobs for FX or whatever you have assigned to this two upper knobs to (perhaps different effects for different pads).

    KEYS view: maybe turn on an arpeggiator and/or a chord mode

    SEQS view: switch between Edit options and perhaps a future Scene view

    SONG view: no suggestion. Just would like the Song mode to be easier to Edit and change then today

    FX view: no suggestion. Just would like the bottom knobs to change future different effects and upper knobs the amount of effects.

    MIX view: here I would like the BACK button to perhaps SOLO one pad. I would like all of the knobs to have different functions so that you take full use of them.

    Only suggestions. Thanx for a wonderful maschine!
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    we don't really need two knobs for scrolling around in the pads page- there's only 16 of them. don't need up/down & left/right. I'd rather the three knobs (& the back button) did more interesting things too.


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      You are right. Just one knob that select pads horizontal (or vertical, you can change this in TOOLS view) that ONLY scrolls through pads that have sounds. If it doesnt have a sound you can select it with your finger to load a sound.