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    I've been praising the BB quite a bit lately. I do like the device a lot, but I am not without gripes. I'm pretty sure I've seen this mentioned before but I will re-iterate. It is crucial to have some control over certain compressor parameters. Parameters such as threshold, attack, & release are standard in most software, and hardware compressors.

    I recently compared the Blackbox compressor to an outboard unit that allowed editing of these parameters, and the BB unfortunately, could not compare favorably. It seems as though the BB compressor squashes the sound a bit too much at times, causing some volume issues with certain samples (for e.g. a snare sample that's turned up to max in the mixer but still isn't loud enough in comparison to other samples).

    This was an issue I was having, so I tested the drum sample extensively with BB, and the outboard FX unit (Empress Zoia). Turning the Blackbox comp on and off, and then engaging the Empress Effects compressor. The Zoia compressor evened out my drum kit very nicely with the snare sitting exactly where it needed to be in the mix. The Blackbox compressor attenuated the snare too much and made it difficult to mix. I honestly believe this issue with the drum sample was caused by the BB compressor threshold being set too low, as opposed to my sample volume being too low.

    Anyway, I know Blackbox isn't an outboard FX box but, this could be remedied if we had control over these very important parameters.
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