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Give more input gain when recording

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  • Give more input gain when recording


    When on the go, I tend to use the synth apps on my iPhone to sample new sounds.

    And for some reason, the output of the iPhone isn't high enough and even when I try to record it, even with +12db on the gain of the BB, I get a quite lower volume compared to factory or imported samples. Not sure if it's actually the output of my iPhone or the input of the BB that isn't in the standards.

    Is it possible to either increase the default input (input at 0db) or add ability to record at up to +24Db input gain on the next BB firmware ? I guess +24Db will also amplify a bit of the noise but it could be handy.

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    In the meantime, I have found why my iPhone's output was quite low, it's because of the EU limit setting that was enabled (it limits the output at around 70% of max to protect consumer's ears).

    Though I still believe having the option to set the input gain to up to +24Db would be useful in some situations.