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    Tried to create some maps on the computer so I could have everything in the blackbox organized (instruments, projects, recorded things etc). Its easy to create new maps and load up different waves to the pads in PADS view, but to organize your projects was not that easy. I made a map called "Projects" in the root and it doesnt show up under PSET view. Why cant I find that map and enter it so I can organize my projects? It also would be nice to start my latest project by default and not have to find it again and load it (or name it 000 or something )

    So, I wish for a better file management view. By that I mean easy and fast to find what you want and load it and not easy to erease your files without warning.

    Thanks a lot for a great blackbox!

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    Just recorded a kick and tried to save it in a folder I have created and called "KICK" in a folder I also created called "DRUMS". Not possible.. this would be good for organize the sounds. Am I doing something wrong?


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      I also would find this very helpful


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        +1 on this. The ability to save a new sample to a specific file path would help loads, excuse the pun.


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          +1 as long as a feature can have us away from the computer, it's a good feature.


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            lots of requests for this.


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              No new on this?‚Äč
              sorry but I really need it,my black box is getting worse and worse to navigate in order to find a file.