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Ability to save sample configurations

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  • Ability to save sample configurations

    Currently, it's frustrating and time-consuming to have to manually re-slice / re-loop / re-pitch / re-trig mode samples everytime you want to use them in new Presets. Would be great if all that data could be saved into the sample (and then use Save As to save variations). Alternatively, being able to save presets which have the various configurations of the sample in an XML file.

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    In PADS view: I wish that you load your sample and then you only need two flags in Sample mode, one start and one end of that little bit of sample you wanna have. If I wanna turn the loop on it will loop between these two flags. When I then want to change the sample to a Clip it will only play the sound between this to flags in sync with the tempo. Then when you go back to the Sample mode the flags are STILL in the SAME position as you left it before you changed it to Clip mode. In this way the original never change if you dont want it to change by trim it or save it. The position of flags have to be saved for this to be practical, I dont know if that is possible. I also wish that the flags could edit a sample by for example erase a sound you dont want to have. Or add by copy/cut/paste.

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      Oh that's weird - if I slice using 'Scan' & save (as opposed to 'Grid' & save) then the cue markers are saved with the WAV file. Is this a known bug?


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        xeamus +1 on that.
        it’s logical and natural to trim/edit a loop then wanting the same area to be reflected in the Clip mode.


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          Please see the update here: