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  • Slicer Mode Beat Grid Functionality


    I would wish to have a simplified way to cut Songs into pieces like sections. Currently I do that by trimming the start to the beginning of the first bar (skipping any introduction that das not belong to a full bar) and then trimming the end to end before silence after recording.

    After that I set the BPM in a way it matches the beats from the beginning of the trimmed sample.

    Then using the grid mode works well, if the (trimmed) recording has a perfect length multiple of bars. Which is often not the case.

    I would love the grid mode to be enhanced in a way, that I could choose not to produce a grid of a fixed given number of slices but to produce a grid with a fixed length of slices (e.g. 1 bar according to the actual bpm parameter on the Song page). The last slice then may be shorter then the others.

    This would save me a lot of time for this kind of tasks :-)

    The User Interface could be realized in a way, that depending on which knob you turn either number or length of slices is determined.


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    One addition,

    the options for slice length could be the same as the step length in the sequence settings. That would make perfectly sense for me because I could blindly create a matching sequence for the sliced sample.


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      I have done some investigation on the topic and wrote a little C-Program in order to "simulate" the result of the proposed operation.

      I have embedded it into a web page so you can try it your self if you like:
      The source code is also available: https://lb-24.os-cloud.eonerc.rwth-a...rid/beatgrid.c

      What is does is the following:
      - You enter the total sample length and the BPM you figured out.
      - It will calculate the length that you should trim the sample to in order to get a non factional number of slices for that BPM
      - it will also calculate the number of slices that should be used in order to get slices at any multiple of "Bars per Slice"

      In principle it works perfect, but I have learned that it does not help to much in my task because of variations needed in individual slice length.

      Then I have extended the program to take not just one "Bars per Slice" parameter but multiple (separated by blanks). Consider a scheme like "4 1 8 3" which means first slice is 4 bars, second 1 bar, third 8 bars and 4th (and all following slices) are 3 bars long (fractions like 0.25 (1/4 bars) are supported).

      In this case the Program will now output alls slices that you can simply copy and paste into the presets XML file.

      This worked out perfect.

      But it was pain to identify all the slice length just by listening and concentrate on the beat count and the right moments to slice it.

      Therefore I would like to change my original request:

      I would like to either have support in slicing the way that is actually implemented manually (pushing split or join) by displaying some sort of visual grid at configurable points (like 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 bars etc). An Option to get some "attraction" to the next visual grid point (like join is applied to the near slice point) would be nice.

      Or the inverse operation of generating a sequence by the slice points as proposed in
      Means: you define a sequence for a particular sample and apply the sequence to slice up the sample. After that it will play the sample slices so that it will sound as original. It should be possible to do it repeatedly, so you can apply it again and again until you found all the correct points.
      This should be even simpler to implement then transforming slices into a sequence.