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Scrolling text for long file/folder names

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  • Scrolling text for long file/folder names

    I wish if BB file browser can scroll the text of long file/folder names, so we can read the entire name. Something like when I'm over a specific file/folder with long name, after a sec, the name text starts scrolling to left so it help reading the entire name of what I'm about to select/enter. That would be a great addition .

    Thanks for you great work guys.

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    I think this wouldn't help much for longer lists of files/folders. I'd rather see a sightly smaller font in this view and/or line wrapping. Personally I got folders full of samples with names which are too long for this UI. Also see here:


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      They can use one of the knobs to let us scroll the name of file/folder, or use auto scroll (marquee text) which is btw used in a lot of devices currently in market with small screens, without making the font smaller which wouldn't help here at all (because of the small screen).