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    Link external tempo and internal tempo to pitch, so that when you change the BPM of a loop the pitch will change relatively.
    Because right now if you have a loop being triggered by an external sequencer, you can't change the BPM of your song live, if you did the loops would all go out of sync.
    This is an essential function of a looping/slicing device.

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    If you want to sync loops to external clock, use clip mode. Then it will adjust the tempo to match. Let me know if I am missing something.


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      I suppose Simon is looking for something akin to 'repitch' warp mode in ableton. BB currently does the equivalent of 'beats' warp mode.

      Often when slowing a synced clip down via master tempo, I also pitch it down to reduce stretching artefacts, I usually prefer changing the pitch of the sample (as in old school varispeed) to pure beat-based time stretching (which can get grainy and messy at high bpm shifts).

      This comes in handy:

      A tempo to pitch sync would eliminate the need for manual pitch adjustment of the clip, when slowing a clip down.

      The BB's time stretch reacts very well to speeding clips up, I usually don't need to change pitch in this case.
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        Wow! Thanks for the link, will be a very useful tool for me

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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      If you want to sync loops to external clock, use clip mode. Then it will adjust the tempo to match. Let me know if I am missing something.
      Hi Aaron,
      Afaik Clip mode can't playback slices? So if you cut your break/loop into more than one slice you can't access them, also even if your playing back just the one loop with no slices the speed does not get changed smoothly if you slow down or speed up your song from an external clock? I really like the sound of the time-stretching though when its settled.

      The pitch plan above could be a cpu efficient way of doing this smoothly and seeing there is a mod space for the pitch already, shouldn't be too hard too add tempo [External+internal] to the cc list?
      It would also be great to be able to time-stretch to different tempos of course the way it's doing it now and still be able to playback slices.
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        Hi, would be too difficult to implement sync to pitch / automatic repitch function? Time stretching sounds awful on non-beat, tonal material . If I pitch down the sounds manually (with help of Pitch-Shifting calculator), then I cannot change the master tempo during my live performances.


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          +1 for a repitch mode. or how you call it... pitch that automatically matches the bpm when changing it so you don't have any artifacts like you have with timestretch. would be super handy!! pretty please


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            I think, that tempo analyzer will be great, so you record sample and already know which bpm it is