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Assignable Knobs on Pads Screen

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  • Assignable Knobs on Pads Screen

    As it is easy/more intuitive to tap particular cells on the PADS screen to select them, the knobs are somewhat redundant as navigators.
    It would be very useful to be able to assign functions to the 4 knobs instead for use whilst on the PADS screen: such as pitch, level, ADSR, slice no, start, end, filter, pan, fx, etc (and x,y if you still want to navigate). Perhaps even a second 4 functions available if you hold the PADS button.

    This way you can adjust individual cell attributes on the PADS screen itself, rather than having to turn to another page, go to a sub page and back again.

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    Knobs are the only way to select a pad without triggering it, which is sometimes necessary during a performance.
    we have an item on the wish list to add knobs as modulation sources. Then you could decide how many knobs and which knobs you want for selecting pads and what else you want to use them for. That would support your request here.


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      Thanks for the response Christine; that's a good point on performance.
      I was coming from a non-performance creator perspective, and like the other suggestion you mention. Being able to tap on cells on the PADS screen and adjust pre-chosen parameters with the knobs whilst staying on that screen would be pretty cool for matching samples and tweaking. Thanks