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  • Message d'amour & whislist ;)

    ( I'm french and i used gtranslate , maybe it will be difficult to anderstand me ...)

    I am a musician who has tried multiple products to combine traditional instruments, looping, sampling etc.
    Pc + maschine, + push ...
    Live Mpc etc ...
    Without going further I compose a guitar, piano etc traditionally, and I have also my mpc workflow fan side, this product is the real gateway to my pc prod to my composition mode everywhere and soon to that of the scene (if small maj OS though)

    Your Blackbox is what I waited for a long time, no limitation for the audio, 16 tracks, a sequencer, a box to compose, a box to create kits, a box synchro, an effective box and soon the box for the live !!! ( I'm sure !!!)
    Coupling today with a Nektar pacer is great but not yet on top for the live performance.
    This box with (I think, I hope ) little evolution can become a monster and I think all your customers are also aware and that's why I think the demands for new features (more or less feasible ...) abound.

    I am going to share here with you my experience and my wishes for this magic BB, once again thank you for opening the doors of my live creativity so many times lost in other products !
    I am French, I used google translation to respect my words and also respect the community 1010, everything here is just love for Aaron and Christina
    No reproach, no exaggerated desire either.

    What I am entitled to expect from such jewelry !

    1-Live Performance:

    At the moment if I use the Pacer Nektar (foot controller ,cc, note etc) for notes for example, I can play a clip, stop it (with the excluded mode x) we can avoid tap dancing is not bad to stop the clips but for 16 clips ...)
    Group play solution, mute group

    In sequence mode I can start each sequence too but I have to cut each sequence no exclusion.

    Solution; group sequence exclusion, play, stop.

    But one last solution would be to have access to the sections of the song mode by midi notes too (I have not seen this , it seems to me) and the live problem would be resolved.
    This would make the BBox the market's best audio backing live market by size and by being able to create in the morning and play live live at night my new arrangements whooooo !!!!
    And especially with live arrangement (otherwise I bring an mp3 player ...)

    2- Live record (looper) audio performance:

    Overdurb ?! lol no !!! No worries there is no need! There are 16 independent tracks no need to overdub finally ( maybe?

    We are not far (with a foot controller midi of course) to the best looper audio in a World !!, but ... for the moment not at all ... )
    because it misses the access midi, or mmc, for Play, Stop, Rec Seq, and especially Rec audio by pad (or by active pad ...)
    I know, it's probably harder to implement.
    But to be able to gain access to these controls would be great !!!!

    - Who use ''Back'' button ?
    Maybe transform as a shift button ?
    To have acces to all futur macro knobs? No?

    I also think that for a long-term management of our work, a more complete control on the "project management".
    Save, folder etc ...

    -Xml in sd root ok why not,
    But a folder auto generate in save process.
    'Record' folder by project auto
    Save samples with project option !

    -Copy sequence menu ( all , like pad copy )

    -Menu folder (move, cut, paste, create folder ...)


    Color, color, color !!! by Pads, and review these colors in the sequences in global view will be wonderful.

    Mixer view & fx view

    Traditionnal 16 faders on a screen and send too , i don't like this mpc mixer view ...

    Sequencer View

    Difficult for big fingers
    - button to swip bitwing different view (just 1 line, 8, 16, all, zoom, centering etc )

    Sequence Mode:
    Live help feature
    - stop option (group mute?): example Seq 2 stop Seq1 (1 manipulation instead of 2 live)
    -midi note sequence config: example same midi note for 4 sequences

    Song Mode:
    Midi control section?
    Bar limitation
    Limitation 16? Sequence live mode perf maybe is the solution

    Here is what I would like, and indeed it is only my point of view can be these expectations will not all be shared.

    Bonus !!!

    What I want but which are only requests from consumers who always want more

    Bonus features:

    Pad effect like kaos pad & modulation (fxbox)
    Fx EQ
    This automation
    Output convertible to Input ....
    1010 t shirt
    An autographed photo of Christine

    Thank you to reading my lamentations
    sorry for the translation ...

    1010music je t'aime

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    Output convertible in input : yes ! Don’t know if it’s possible but I could give up one or two output for sure !!

    i think the next move for the black box could be around the output : another thread is about the Fx send, a very good idea too.

    et bien sur beaucoup d’amour pour l’équipe 1010


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      My whishlist haven't any success , i think i will see if a another product can be control by foot controller , maybe the new singular sound looper , but i just need play stop rec audio fonction ( midi or mmc) and acces to section of song by midi but maybe it will be not a priority or maybe it's not possible , maybe other user don't need this fonction . ( And i'm ok , it's your product ... )
      but bbox i think can take a place with other looper on market and can be better .( Rc 300 , headrushlooperbord)
      Because bbox can be a little mpc , a little ableton to
      Of course with foot controller, whithout overdub , but i see bbox like a brain , and if you want play pad , you put pad on , if you want to play keyboard you put a keyboard etc , but when you don't want to have all on ,it's possible to have just the brain !!
      ( Exemple mpc live , ten minutes with pad for rythm and after i don't need pad , but i need to transport all near my synth or turnetable ...)
      your product is wonderful to me and i want to keep it but i work on my liveset and i can't integret bbox in my setup for now .
      ​​​​​​And if i work with bbox and i transfert in my laptop the project to live performance , maybe it's more practical to work directly on Macbook...
      arffff can i hope ?

      Sorry for syntax , vocabulary etc
      I'm french ...

      Amour & 1010music ( maybe ) forever



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        This is a really good list of feature requests for a live performance scenario, and I think that little refinements like the ones you suggest will go a long way towards making blackbox a better live performance tool! Thanks for taking the time to share them here, and yes your translation is not difficult to understand. Merci!

        Know that 1010music does listen to eveyone's input, but hopefully consider that they are a very small team of 2 (or now maybe 3) people, and they have a huge amount of requests to go through.

        All the best


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          ) I keep hope

          I finally had the honor to have Dan on my post !!!
          It's really amazing to have the boss (or maybe it's Christine by message !!!
          I print it directly and put it next to my mail of Steeve Job who told me that my idea of ​​MP3 player was not bad ...

          Thanks again


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            hehehe ... don't get too excited ... Dan is "just" a user and does not run the company. ;-)


            • #7
              Sorry I dreamed ...
              I often see you on the forum I confused with Aeron ...
              Not the same name ...
              It's morning at home sorry

              For the moment I still print ...


              • #8
                Maybe it was not Steve Job either ...


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                  Thank you very much for the suggestions. I agree that there is lots of room for improvement and I appreciate you listing many of them.

                  As Dan and Tomeso pointed out, we are a very small company and are overwhelmed with all the great ideas here on the forum. Please don't be discouraged. We do refer back to posts like yours when it comes time to plan out new versions. You may find it is easier to start a conversation about new features ideas if you split them into separate posts.

                  Thanks and take care.


                  • #10
                    Thanks for this answer , happy to wait ...
                    before this summer please !!!!

                    Thx a lot for your work