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    For me I'd really like to be able to create folders and move samples to them so you can use multisampling without a computer


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      Just got my Blackbox and have been playing with it for the last few days! What I'd like in terms of organization so far:

      1. Ability to organize PSETs into folders. Currently if you move them out of the root directory, it seems there's no way to even access them on the Blackbox.

      2. Ability to set a default directory for new samples (other than the root directory).

      To support the project archive function that many people want, an ideal solution would be to use hard links (it looks like the file is in both places, but the data is actually only saved once and is only deleted if all hard links pointing to it are deleted), but FAT file systems don't support them... I'm guessing moving to a more modern file system isn't a viable solution, but figured I'd throw that out there.


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        +1 push it


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          Saving the samples and all sequence info in a PSET folder seems to be the best way forward.


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            Sample consolidation when saving a preset is a good idea for simplicity of backups.