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    +1 Velocity editing!
    First post right here: for the love of god make velocity editing quick and easy, maybe an additional click on the "info" button could bring up some bars like most saw sequencers? Or I like the color change/knob idea as well. BB was an impulse purchase and I just assumed velo edits were bog standard. Oh well. Still lots of fun to be had and very intuitive, quick workflow otherwise.


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      +1 absolutely mandatory feature !


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        +1 for velocity editing.


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          +1 to velocity editing from piano roll. so portable I don't want to have to drag a controller around


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            OK, I'm going to put forward a bare bones basic suggestion of how velocity editing could be implemented.

            I realise this suggestion may unpopular with some because it might fall short of what they would hope for. Or perhaps this suggestion is unnecessary because the team at 1010music already have something more sophisticated in mind.

            However, if the development team have other priorities at the moment, perhaps this suggestion may be easier to make happen in the foreseeable future.

            So here goes: Make the touch screen velocity slider from the pads page available in the sequencer piano roll page. Any note entered on the grid will have a velocity matching the slider. That's all.

            What you won't get in this suggestion is the ability to edit the velocity of an existing note on the grid, you would simply have to delete that note then replace it with a new note with a different velocity, set by the slider.
            There will continue to be no visual indication if the velocity of notes in the grid, you will have to use your ears.

            Hopefully this suggestion would be a balance between as much standalone workflow improvement as possible with the minimum of firmware rewrite


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              +100 for velocity editing - implemented numerically or visually in the midi piano roll editor!!!


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                I can imagine VOLUME label in Edit screen of Piano Roll Edit Menu too. After you select it you can tap the note and change its volume with one of the knobs.
                (Btw I like the Caustic 3 implements volume/automation editing)


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                  +1 ... Yes please support velocity editing.