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Please bring more FX and parameters automation

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  • Please bring more FX and parameters automation

    The only feature I'm missing on the BlackBox after all these welcome improvements/features brought in the last months is adding some FX in the FX section which would justify even more the dedicated physical button built for it.

    Some of the FXbox would obviously sound nice in the BlackBox. Overall, I believe an overdrive, a filter with resonance, a phaser and some stutter/loop/roll FX would do awesome on this box. In PADs editing mode, it would also be nice to have the setting of filter resonance available.

    I wonder if the hardware performance is the limit here and if the way the FX are implemented as sends allows more than two FX per part as we have currently. Maybe one way to overcome it would be a bit like what was done with multi-sample pads where there is a sort of global credit of number of simultaneous resources used that will limit adding more FX on the parts if that threshold is hit.

    With that would also come the ultimate need to automate all these FX in a per part level. This could be implemented either in the FX section (if only FX are to be automated) or ideally in the SEQ section (if the automation is to include any parameter, including those available in the PAD editing section (like ADSR, volume, pan). No need to go with crazy UI implementation, I would suggest to start with "one shot" recording/cancelling of the automations rather than visual editing. You could also alternatively provide pre-defined curves that the user would choose.

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    1010music already has experience with this automation stuff, have a look at the toolbox. (Manual: ) There you can define your own LFOs and there's also a CV sequencer which comes pretty close to the UI needed for parameter automation.

    I really hope that there will be a new "automation page" as a subset of the sequencer page with 16 pads which can be LFOs or sequences which can modulate internal targets and/or output CV or MIDI CCs.

    The FX are low priority for me. I can always add external effects easily but adding external modulation/automation which is in sync with the blackbox (BPM, presets etc) is WAY harder. Where do I actually get external CC modulation? I can only think of the Octatrack which costs twice as much as the blackbox.


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      Some fx would be nice, especially the ones that are not very CPU intensive. I think bit curshing/sample rate reduction/overdrive and maybe a resonant filter should all be doable, hopefully. My Doubledrummer does all that, and it's really fun to mangle up stuff that way. It's fine if it's lofi, often a gritty sound is exactly what I'm after.

      Modulation is something else entirely, and I've already posted about that, so won't go into that here.


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        1010music definitely has experience on both FX and automation if you look at the other hardware modules they've released.

        From what I understand, it's now all about how these features can be integrated into the Blackbox and optimised in a way so that it can sound fine with the CPU resources available on the Blackbox.

        I've noticed 1010music has also already proved they can optimise resource assignment, notably when they introduced Multi-sample, where pads can take a limited number of multi-sample type sound with the firmware deciding this dynamically according to the resources available.

        Aaron or Christine will confirm but I believe it's the reason it's not just about copy pasting code into the Blackbox firmware project. I hope the teams will go through this successfully though as I believe having a bit more of FX and parameter automation would make the Blackbox a killer.


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          There is certainly a concern about maxing out the processor. It's also a matter of prioritization against other features and competing for our limited resources. Thanks for your feedback.