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Ability to import MIDI files into sequences

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  • Ability to import MIDI files into sequences

    I personally capitalise a lot in a personal MIDI sequences library in my production workflow as this gives me the freedom to choose the appropriate synth and tone when actually using my pre-composed/recorded sequences.

    I think it would be helpful for those who have this type of workflow to have at least the ability too import single-track midi clips of the max length of a sequence (128 steps) from a .mid file into the BlackBox.

    Obviously I would see that inside SEQS, when selecting a sequence + INFO, there should be an import button or menu item opening a .MID file browser then once the file is chosen, populating the .MID file's notes in a pre-selected status so that we can immediately move them around vertically or horizontally in order to adjust with the ongoing track.

    For when one attempts to import a multi-track .MID file (say a full song in MIDI), the BlackBox could prompt the user to choose which of the tracks he wants to import.

    If the limit of 128 steps per sequence was to be taken to 256 or 512 in the future, then it would also apply to the MIDI file importing capabilities.

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    Any chance we have at least a minimal implementation of this in a firmware update ? Maybe just for MIDI clip files, we don't need to import full songs, just snippets.


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      I would love to import midi files. Fingers x


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        The BB is becoming more and more the central point of my setup in terms of sample library and sequence library so, though it’s quite easy to record a midi clip on it, importing a massive amount of project or utility sequences would definitely easier with a drop into a folder of the sd card and ability to import when needed. Let’s see if the idea makes its way into 1010s list !
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          I agree, since 1010music has not shown interest in developing the on-board sequencer functionality/usability, this would be a great work around for those of use who seek a bit greater control