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When using outputs 1,2 or 3, remove the sound from the main headphone out?

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  • When using outputs 1,2 or 3, remove the sound from the main headphone out?

    I'm not sure if this has been covered before. I always consider the headphone out as the 'main' output of the blackbox. Due to this thinking, I feel that if sounds are routed to outputs 1,2 and 3 they should be removed from the headphone out.

    Any thoghts?
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    I agree 100%. I had assumed it would be that way and was kind of dumbfounded when I learned it wasn’t.


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      Agreed. This is a critical issue preventing this amazing little box from achieving it's full potential. I picked it up to work with CV and was shocked to discover there is no way to stop CV signals from being output the main out (phones). Routing everything out the three other outputs works, but you lose the effects. An option to use a pad in "CV mode," which would mute it from the phones output, would be godsend. Please tell me there is a secret to making this happen with the current firmware (1.7.F).


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        Adding this woud be THE simpler way to get a 4th stereo output as mentioned earlier here -


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          sorry to be contrarian, but I like the headphone out with the full mix.
          I don't always use the blackbox with a mixer.
          sometimes it's just me and headphones.
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          • LanceRidler
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            I like the full mix in the headphone out too. It does demonstrate how kit becomes different things for different people. I like that I can line up a sample in the headphones without having to hear it through the speakers then once it’s recorded the clip starts to play in the main mix

          • emji_herara
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            If I understand correctly that would be still possible with this option?? If you have only your headphones connected you hear the full mix. If you use the individiual outputs you are almost certainly using a mixer and those will be removed from the hp output.

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          This would be very useful when using the non main outs for external effects resampling


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            Agreed wholeheartedly. My BB is central control for my Eurorack rig, sending clock and MIDI into my FH-2 for distribution. To be able to send CV only to certain outs would most definitely solidify that role. +1 to Anjingila's idea of adding a CV mode for individual pads.


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              +1 I would also very much appreciate this feature.