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Conversion and audio quality

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  • Conversion and audio quality

    So, i've been using the blackbox for a year now and I love the thing. recently I did some audio tests and noticed that there is some compression inherent to the conversion.

    when feeding out audio from the blackbox right into it's input (compressor off) and then comparing the sound, as well as the waveforms, they are noticeably different. not bad, in a any way, but different. there seems to be some limiting/compression happening.
    for the blackbox, that's fine. it adds to it's own sound character.

    what i'd like to know is whether the bluebox shares this "feature" or whether the conversion is more transparent.
    for a mixer/recorder i'd expect the audio to be flawless. otherwise that would defeat its purpose.

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    This is the only thing that is keeping me from pulling the trigger is that I haven’t heard feedback on the audio quality and conversion fidelity. How do bass and high frequencies translate? Are dynamics compressed or lost by the converters? If it is very transparent and sounds like what you put into it, I am sold.


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      I'm testing it right now and so far I am very pleased with the audio quality - I compared a pulsar23 pattern through the bluebox with my merging technologies hapi. the audio that went thgough the bluebox wasnt degraded at all - will check program material tomorrow. but bass was all there, listened through my kii's...


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        really appreciate your input. please let us know your thoughts on the program material test. my intended use is to feed all my synths, drum machines, processed guitar and mic preamps into this mixer for recording. then only use the computer for mastering.

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      Kudos to 1010 for giving credit to the mini jack format through good quality converters.

      I love tiny music instruments with tiny cables


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        I did test it in the meantime but havent investigated deeply (problably because I'm not worrying?)

        to keep it short I'd say: its pretty damn close to a sonosax m2d2 (which I compared it against) but it lacks a tiny little bit of the very lowest juicy bass - anyone had a mytek 8x192 converter? this was a bit tight on the bass, the bluebox reminded me.
        curious to hear how this opinion will stand the test of time. The blackbox sounds great my ears, if its the same converters there's nothing to worry about.


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          thanks. and great review, as usual. nice to see the new channel.

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        Thanks for asking about the audio performance. We have found someone to do the testing.