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    I've been happily using my bluebox as a clock-master, & sending clock from it to my h/w sequencers & effects... reading this, however, prompts a question: if the bluebox is slaved to an incoming clock & transport commands, will it somehow register a tempo change?

    I've been loading the wavs from the bluebox into reaper for further processing, or to send the project to an associate who has reaper but not a bluebox.

    I've once or twice forgotten what the tempo was, & have been able to look at the bluebox project XML to find it. but what happens if the clock is coming from outside the bluebox? what does the XML say in this instance, & does it reflect any variations in tempo?

    for that matter, what does the XML do if you're using the bluebox as the master clock & make a tempo change during recording? I'd like to understand the structure of the midi data that's stored with a project- the mixer CCs & the clock particularly, & whether these can be manipulated in other systems.

    (also laying audio tracks off into the bluebox from an old korg d1600 multitrack, because this is far faster than exporting them as files via the korg's tired old usb 1.0 interface; some of these have midi clock associated with them- would be good to transfer this 'data' along with the audio)