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Weird volume issue with Novation Peak going into Bluebox - please help

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  • Weird volume issue with Novation Peak going into Bluebox - please help

    So I just got the bluebox, and it's great of course. BUT there seems to be an issue with the Peak.

    When I go to the init patch on the peak, as well as some other patches I've come across, it's VERY quiet through the bluebox unless I hard pan to left or right. Somebody in a chat mentioned this might be phase canceling or something? It definitely doesn't happen if I just run the peak straight into my interface.

    Also, a lot of patches on the peak are totally fine and require no panning!

    I'm totally baffled.

    I have the peak going to the bluebox with a 2x 1/4" TS to 1x 1/8" TRS cable, so it should be fine in that regard.

    So it was really stupid. Since there is a single stereo output on the bluebox, I for some reason thought it would be okay to use a single 1/4 inch TS cable for output with a trs 1/8 inch connector.
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    That is strange.

    Phase cancellation will only happen if you are combining a stereo signal into mono. In bluebox, the stereo signal will come in as stereo and be played back in stereo. I can't think of a situation where we sum anything to mono.

    Maybe send a video or post a recording of this?


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      Could one of your speakers be wired backwards?


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
        Could one of your speakers be wired backwards?

        I don't think so. Also I think that would affect all patches, right?


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          So this is still going on for me. Could anybody with a novation peak try it out and see if the same thing happens?


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            I took a video on my iphone but I get an error every time I try to attach it.


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              Hey Facepoppies, Did you get it sorted?
              Just tried it out on two different Peaks (well one is an old prototype and had a different name back then ;o) and also both set of outputs on a Summit, init patches all come through Bluebox perfectly here.